Right-Sized Additions

we do much more than just balance your books.  We provide an automated and seamless process for all of your accounting and finance activities.

Our processes eliminate many of the manual steps and data-entry points, allowing us to provide practical solutions with increased precision and accuracy.  We automate the review and approval process, verifying that adequate controls exist around your cash collections and disbursements.

Select the Right-Sized Additions that best meet your business needs.

Bill Payments | A/R Management | Payroll | Credit Card Processing |

Employee Expense Reporting and Reimbursement

Bill payments

Using a secure bill payment solution, we process and pay your bills weekly. We scan your bills and include the scanned images within QuickBooks, ensuring an audit trail and supporting documentation is maintained.  While we may process and pay your bills, you always maintain control.  We work with you to ensure that a well-controlled and automated process is implemented, giving you the control to approve or reject each payment.  Your bills are paid and accounted for with just a push of a button.

a/r management

A key to staying on top of collecting your receivables is letting customers know the current status of their invoices. We effortlessly automate the entire process including notification to your customers when invoices are created, are coming due, and are past due.  All of these items can be scheduled at different intervals and tailored to different customer groups.  We function as a seamless extension of your business to help you get paid faster and improve your cashflow.


We ensure your employees are paid on time for the hours worked, and payroll taxes are withheld and submitted to the taxing authorities—along with the required paperwork.  We eliminate manual and cumbersome payroll processes, while at the same time increasing control and oversight. We use time tracking and scheduling software to track employee time for payroll and invoicing. With go-anywhere mobile functionality, employee scheduling, and GPS location tracking, scheduling employee’s hours and accounting for time worked is simplified.

credit card processing

We obtain company credit card transactions and record and reconcile purchases to your accounting system, ensuring proper classification and recording.  We match receipts submitted by the employee to transactions and review against company policy.  Expenses are summarized and reported for managerial review and approval.

Employee Expense Reporting and Reimbursement

Using a leading employee expense tracking application, employees simply snap a picture of their business receipts and we'll take it from there.  Expenses are recorded to the accounting records and reviewed against company policy. Expenses are summarized and sent to you--along with images of receipts-- for approval for payment.