Small business accounting in the cloud

What is the cloud?

Quite simply, the cloud is a platform of services to allow you to access your data over the internet using your computer, smartphone, or tablet.  Many of us have been using the cloud for a while to manage and share music, photos, and messages.  Businesses take advantage of cloud technology to automate many of their financial accounting processes. 

How can i use the cloud for my accounting?

Almost all of the data required to keep your books and records already exist in an electronic format somewhere.  With QuickBooks Online, we collect this data and bring it together in one place. As we receive your electronic data, we post all of the debits and all of the credits to your books and records.  You are provided with an up-to-date financial picture of your business at any time, from any place, on any device.

We are experts in cloud accounting.  We take care of the accounting and accounting systems.  All you have to do is log-in, see your results, and run your business. 

Is it safe to use the cloud?

QuickBooks relies on advanced, industry-recognized security safeguards to keep your financial data private and protected.  With password protected access control, firewall protected servers, and encryption of your data while on their servers and while in transit, they have the security in place to provide peace of mind.

QuickBooks continuously monitors and maintains their security, which is also audited by independent security experts.  I think it is safe to say that moving your accounting to the cloud will increase the level of security compared to what you have in place today.  As a former Information Risk Manager at a major financial services company, I would be happy to work with you to risk assess your current data security in comparison to the protection you obtain by moving to the cloud. 

what are other benefits of moving to the cloud?

  • Work any place. You can create a quote, email an invoice, and record an expense--anytime and anywhere. With cloud accounting, you have the flexibility to access your data anywhere. Traditional accounting set-ups required you to be in the office or on the right desktop. With the cloud, you can work where your business takes you.

  • Real-time collaboration. Collaborate in real time with clients and your team members to speed up the work and productivity. Feel confident making data-driven business decisions knowing that your information is current.

  • Improved productivity. Spend your time on your business and less time dealing with data entry and system administration.

  • Partner with your accountant. We can work with you in real-time and with the same data. Harnessing the power of cloud technology and the expertise of a CPA, we provide you with pain-free accounting solutions.

  • Go paperless. Forget about filing all of your paperwork. With cloud accounting, your records are stored securely in the cloud and accessible when you need them.

  • Data security and recovery. A significant aspect of moving to the cloud is the assurance that your data is always secure and always backed up.

  • Reduced capital expenditures. No more system upgrades and software installations. Applications are automatically updated in the cloud, so you are always using the latest and safest version.